Cheapest Way to Market Your Products Online

There are numerous economical and free ways to market your products online. One of the best ways to start is with a social media business presence. Open a business page on Facebook.  Drive traffic from your personal page to your business page and advertise your products there.

Start a blog or start using your established blog to sell your products. Write in-depth blog posts about your products, use SEO content, and provide links to online ordering.  There are various platforms to choose from to make writing a blog simple and easy.  You can also use your blog to start an email list. Remember to provide your customers with some value in exchange for their email addresses. Send weekly or monthly newsletters and promote your products in them.  Some other advantages to email marketing:

  • Email new customers with coupons or discounts as an incentive to try your products.
  • Send emails to customers who have abandoned their carts and remind them to finish their shopping.
  • Send emails to customers with frequent incentives, deals, and discounts.
  • Use your email to announce the launch of any new product.

Reach out to other bloggers and social media influencers.  Ask them to review your products. You can offer free sample products as an incentive. You can also put up a link to their blog or social media information.  It will take time, but this is a great way to build up a presence for your brand or business.

Uncrate is a massive product curation website.  Having your product featured on Uncrate is almost a guarantee of increased sales.  Some products get discovered, but you may need to reach out to them, asking them to review your product.

The above suggestions for marketing your products are free, but there are numerous low-cost options for online marketing.

  • Social media ads. Targeted ads are a handy marketing tool and are often less expensive than you might think. Consider a small add on Facebook, Instagram and other large social media platforms.
  • Reddit advertising is relatively inexpensive. Try creating a subreddit directly related to your products and advertising in that area.
  • Create a branded channel on YouTube. Publish helpful how-to videos related to your products, and provide links.  Make sure and advertise your YouTube channel across all other forms of mediums you are using to sell your products.
  • Pick a platform and run a contest to give away a limited number of your products. Promote the contest as much as possible to generate interest.
  • Connect with others in LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn groups are rapidly gaining popularity and allow you an excellent opportunity to connect with others in your industry. You are usually allowed to promote your products as long as you do not start to spam the group.  Interaction in these groups is a great way to connect with people, get them to talk, write,  and blog about your products.  Return the favor for others.
  • Contribute regularly to industry-specific forums. These can lead to invaluable contacts, as well as potential customers. Distinguish yourself as someone who is informed and helpful while establishing relationships in the community.
  • Optimize your website for SEO. If you have a website from which you sell your products, make sure it is SEO optimized. It may also be time for a facelift.  New graphics, content, and fresh product descriptions can help you rank higher with search engines and drive more traffic your way. If this seems complicated, consider hiring a professional to update and optimize your website. For the best prices, use a service like Fiverr or Upwork to find a highly recommended freelancer to give you a bid on the work.  Customers want a sleek, user-friendly shopping experience.  An unpolished website can turn away potential customers before they ever try your products.

If you have done these things and are still seeing a slump in sales, consider hiring a marketing consultant. For a one-time fee, these professionals can look over your entire marketing strategy and give solid advice and suggestions about improving sales.

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